Services Provided

Systemic Based Marriage, Family, and/or Individual Therapy

Julia Oppy, MA, MFTC, DMFT Student and Rocky Mountain MFT Counseling works from an empathetic and compassionate approach.  Julia utilizes her own welcoming and non-judgemental nature and an integrative method to therapy, customizing therapuetic techniques, goals, and theories on a case by case basis rather than using a cookie cutter (one theory) strategy.  Just like with anything else, our therapy lens cannot be 'one size fits all'.  Marriage and Family Therapists base their therapuetic style on systemic theories.  Looking at relationships from a systemic viewpoint, all interpersonal relationships are effected by all outside influences.. family, family of origin, friends, co-workers, society, culture, etc.  Julia sees the value in collaboration and wants you to have a say in the direction of your counseling experience.


This is an incomplete list, for example only

-Emotionally Focused Therapy

-Solution Focused Therapy

-Strategic Family Therapy

-Narriative Therapy

-Transgenerational Theories

-John Gottman

-Salvadore Minunchin

-Virginia Satir

-Art and Play Therapy techniques





INCLUDING (but not limited to):

*Gender Dysphoria (Transgender)

   -specializing in children & teens

*Non-Conforming Gender (other)

*Sexuality Issues

   -questioning or non-conforming sexuality, relationship problems stemming from sexual issues (PE, ED, difference in style or desire), chronic infidelity, fetishes, fringe sexuality or other sexual problems or concerns

*Relationship & Family Issues for all gender & sexual identities as well as multi-cultural & cross-religious relationships


*Life-Cycle Transitions

*Women's Issues

*Children under 13

NOTE: I will only see substance abuse and domestic violence cases on a very limited case by case basis as a comorbid condition only, not the presenting problem.

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